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Flexi Glass PPF

Power of Self-Healing Against Scratches

Polestar Production in America

Nothing can stop you from enjoying the thrill of driving when your car is Flexi Glass Protected. The flexible glass protection films cover your vehicle’s body like a second skin. Now whether you are driving amidst hills and mountains or enjoying rain driving, speeding like your life depends on it or resting under the hot sun, your car body is protected.

When you Can Have

Three Variants of Flexi Glass PPF

Flexi Glass PPF- Gloss

Your Car is a part of your personality. Make it glossy with Flexi Glass PPF gloss coating.

Flexi Glass PPF- Matte

Matte is the new style statement in the market. Why not adapt it in the car also?

Flexi Glass PPF- Color

Be bold- be colourful. Wrap your car in the desired colour of your heart.

Our Creative Hero

Because your Car Deserves the Best.


Removable PPF

Change your car’s style whenever you want. Affordable, easy to use, sleek, and beautiful

Protect better than Ceramic

The urethane film in PPF protects your car against abrasions and absorbs damages before it affects the car’s body.

Choose PPF in three variants

Unlike ceramic, give your car the finish you like- Gloss, Matte, Colour.

Prevent car's body against water spots

Keep your car spotless always

Enhances Chemical Resistance

Now forget about the fear of acid rain or minerals in water on your car body.

Brand new for Years

Why waste money on the paint after every small scratch. Flexi Glass PPF helps your car paint remains brand new for Years.

The Style Advantage

Proven Result

Flexi Glass PPF is made with advanced technology with pre-tested methods that guarantees Years of seamless shine to your vehicle, ensuring aesthetic delight nonstop.

Breaking the Boundaries

Flexi Glass PPF comes in various widths and lengths suitable for different vehicles. From two-wheelers to SUV, small vehicles to heavy vehicles, protect all your wheeler buddies with style. 

Just Wash & Wipe it

Flexi Glass PPF makes sure your vehicle shines every day after just a Wash.
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Meet Your Style Statement

Our Stylish Stories

These guys installed the product on to my car so quickly, and it works great! Absolutely love the service and also the product.

Stella Chase

PR Manager

I kudos to Flexi Glass PPF for their high quality product. I used their service one years ago and my car still looks like new, and shinny.

Walter Rice

PR Manager

Super happy with Flexi Glass PPF. They gave my car a ultra modern look with their product.

Andrew Morris

PR Manager

The technicians are knowledgeable and I found that the cost is reasonable.  Overall the experts saved my time and converted my car to a shiny, sparkling one.

Natalie Jones

Sales Manager

I ordered the Flexi Glass PPF Gloss for my car.  I was contacted immediately to discuss the details. The team was quick to understand my requirement and install the Flexi Glass PPF on my car. Excellent communication, excellent service,  and product at a reasonable price.

Brian Woods

Business Coach